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His Perfect Pattern
  • His Perfect Pattern


    Memorial Day Sale

    His Perfect Pattern is an original Fox and Pebble illustration by Malory Fiso


    Please allow up to a week of processing time after ordering



    In my reflection of Jesus Christ this year, I have developed such a deep appreciation for all that He has made possible for us.

    As I considered what my Easter Day painting might include this year, I kept envisioning this patchwork robe - symbolic pieces stitched together to tell a story of the greatest victory ever won.

    I reminder to each one of us, that we can make it through our darkest, loneliest hour - and when we look back at each piece, and each stitch of our lives, it will be beautiful.

    The bottom of the robe is weighed down with square pieces. Squares are bound by rules, much like we would be forever bound if Christ had not given us the ability to be forgiven, to change, and to overcome our trials

    The three stripes on His sleeve represent the 3 days of His Death and Resurrection and are laid horizontally to represent rest and peace as He had to lay down in death before He could rise again.

    The squares begin to be covered by and transform into hexagons. Hexagons have often been used as sacred symbols. Six is the number of creation, and perfection - symbolizing divine power, majesty, wisdom, love, mercy, and justice; all things that were made possible and available to us when Christ broke the bands of death.


    “One day I was admiring a beautiful hand-finished quilt made by a skilled seamstress. As we visited together, I learned that she had made many quilts over the years and was well known for her excellent handiwork. To my query, “Do you ever make one of these quilts without a pattern?” she said, “How would I know how it might turn out if I didn’t have a pattern to follow?”

    How can we even guess how our lives will turn out if we don’t choose to follow the right pattern?

    What a happy circumstance and strength in our day to have the Lord’s promise, “I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived” - Marvin J Ashton


    Printed on several high quality paper types and available in multiple sizes to best fit your space. Sizes/Paper Types

    4x6 - 11x14 printed on premium cotton textured paper (gives the illusion that it is painted right to the paper rather than printed)

    16x20 - 40x60 Beautiful Giclee print on an 80# matte cover

    Canvas option is a beautiful 1.25" stretched canvas

    Framed canvas is a beautiful 1.5" stretched canvas in a white float frame



    Smaller prints are mailed in a protective stay-flat envelope

    Large prints are rolled and mailed in a heavy duty mailing tube.


    All sales are final. All artwork is copyright of Malory Fiso @foxandpebble

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