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Like A Dove
  • Like A Dove


    Memorial Day Sale

    Like A Dove is an original Fox and Pebble illustration by Malory Fiso


    Please allow up to a week of processing time after ordering

    I’ve been thinking about doves more than usual the past couple of weeks, especially after studying the accounts of Christ’s baptism and the description of the Holy Ghost descending “like a dove”

    Of all of the birds I’ve seen in my life, doves are not high on the list of most extravagant or noteworthy. Doves are such a simple, unassuming creature. They do not demand your attention with showy noise or appearance.

    There is much to be learned from all of the references of doves throughout the scriptures, but it is apparent why this bird was chosen as a way of symbolizing the Holy Ghost.

    We know after Christ is baptized, the Spirit leads Him to the wilderness where He would face temptation.

    Similarly the Holy Ghost will lead us through our own personal wilderness, in a simple, unassuming way, to guide and protect us through times of learning, hunger, and temptation.

    “Like a Dove” is a reminder that God does not leave us alone as we seek to do His will and look for His spiritual instruction. Quiet, simple guidance and protection is being sent to us, but it will not be showy or demand our attention - it will come “Like a Dove”


    Printed on several high quality paper types and available in multiple sizes to best fit your space. Sizes/Paper Types

    4x6 - 11x14 printed on premium cotton textured paper (gives the illusion that it is painted right to the paper rather than printed)

    16x20 - 40x60 Beautiful Giclee print on an 80# matte cover

    Canvas option is a beautiful 1.25" stretched canvas

    Framed canvas is a beautiful 1.5" stretched canvas in a white float frame


    Smaller prints are mailed in a protective stay-flat envelope

    Large prints are rolled and mailed in a heavy duty mailing tube.


    All sales are final. All artwork is copyright of Malory Fiso @foxandpebble

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