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Why Weepest Thou
  • Why Weepest Thou


    Memorial Day Sale

    Why Weepest Thou is an original Fox and Pebble illustration by Malory Fiso


    Please allow up to a week of processing time after ordering


    "Today I speak to those who have heartrending challenges. I speak to those who suffer, to those who mourn and have heartaches. I speak to those with physical, mental, or emotional pain. I speak to those born crippled or who have become crippled. I speak to those who were born blind or who can no longer see the sunsets. I speak to those who have never been able or who are no longer able to hear a bird sing. I speak to those who have the privileged responsibility of helping others who have mental and physical disabilities. I also speak to those who may be in serious transgression.


    I take as my text the words of the Savior to the sorrowing Mary Magdalene, who “stood without at the sepulchre weeping.”  As she turned around, she “saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.

    “Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thou?” 

    The Savior was speaking not just to the sorrowing Mary. He was also speaking to us—men, women, and children and all of mankind ever born or yet to be born, for the tears of sorrow, pain, or remorse are the common lot of mankind."

    - James E. Faust



    Printed on several high quality paper types and available in multiple sizes to best fit your space. Sizes/Paper Types

    4x6 - 11x14 printed on premium cotton textured paper (gives the illusion that it is painted right to the paper rather than printed)

    16x20 - 40x60 Beautiful Giclee print on an 80# matte cover

    Canvas option is a beautiful 1.25" stretched canvas

    Framed canvas is a beautiful 1.5" stretched canvas in a white float frame



    Smaller prints are mailed in a protective stay-flat envelope

    Large prints are rolled and mailed in a heavy duty mailing tube.


    All sales are final. All artwork is copyright of Malory Fiso @foxandpebble

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